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Megan is 14 and she is my daughter. She was diagnosed with Friedrech’s Ataxia only 9 months ago, and is already dependant on a wheelchair. She has now been told that it is far more aggressive than has been suggested and will need fully aided living and a fully automated wheelchair within the next year.

I need to raise the money to help her adjust….

I need 8.5k for a fully automated wheechair

I need funds to get meg out to the states for clinical tests that may not spefically help her now but can stop this effecting more children….. meg wants to help

She is an amazing young lady and I love her and I am so proud of her….

Not only is she 14 and going through everything that a teenager goes through but she must deal with this. She has arranged a couple of awesome Tea Party fundraisers to help afford what she needs and support Ataxia UK and although new symptoms including loss of mobility and full use of upper limbs, coordination and speech etc. seem to be popping up monthly she stays positive and focused on being a normal young lady.

I just can’t do nothing, I can’t make it all better for my little girl BUT what I can do is get her what she needs.

what we can do is raise the awareness and the profile of FA in UK by supporting the great work that Ataxia UK do.

what we can do is get some clinical tests in UK as currently a lot of the good work is happening in USA.

What we can do , I need to get the wheelchair Meg needs and maybe even get her out to the US to participate in these tests. In today’s world of scientific brilliance, to have genetic disorder with no cure is becoming rare, they will find one for FA but they need some help….

That’s what I can do! That’s what we can do.